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NEWS Last modified on July 17, 2018

Single water supplier expected to improve Heathrow's sustainability

London Heathrow will now have its clean and waste water services provided by a single supplier – Affinity for Business.

It is claimed that the decision to use one suppier for both services – Affinity for Business previously only supplied clean water – will allow for a long-term, shared commitment towards more sustainable water usage across the whole of the Heathrow estate.

Heathrow says that the deal, made possible by the opening up of the water market, means that it now has a partner that would be able to assist it in its journey towards increased sustainability.

Arguably, the announcement is further proof of Heathrow’s 2.0 programme, which was put in place to establish its flagship sustainability goals and commitment to improving sustainability performance across its vast estate. 
Heathrow runway
Home to over 400 seperate companies and employing over 76,000 people locally, Heathrow is one of the largest private water networks in Europe.

The new partnership will see Affinity for Business and Heathrow exploring its asset management strategy and finding innovative ways to reduce the overall water requirement across the Heathrow estate. 

This will include the reduction of potable water waste, along with the introduction of non-treated water recycling schemes. 

Keith Lockhart, categories manager for utilities at Heathrow, says: “As a busy airport, Heathrow is one of the biggest consumers of water in the local area and we have a duty to act responsibly and sustainably when it comes to its use.
"Affinity for Business are not only a reliable partner that get the basics right, they also share our values and goals when it comes to great service and a sustainable future. We believe they will meet the challenges presented by our ambitious sustainability strategy, Heathrow 2.0."

Helen Gillett, managing director of Affinity for Business, noted: “We have been working with Heathrow for many years and have an excellent understanding of the challenges they face.

"We have already looked into better ways to measure and understand their clean water usage, with the aim of reducing waste and increasing recycling of non-potable water, so we are excited for what this next phase of the relationship will bring.

"We have a great team on hand to work with Heathrow to make sure they can achieve their sustainability goals for 2020 and beyond. “


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