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NEWS Last modified on July 17, 2018

Automated screening lanes expanded at Houston gateway

Going through security at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) just got a little easier due to an increase in the number of checkpoints utilising automated screening lane (ASL) technology.

Passengers departing from IAH can now expect to see automated screening lanes in Terminal E, in addition to Terminal D, which were installed earlier this year.

The automated screening lanes incorporate enhanced capabilities at the airport security checkpoint while improving the passenger experience.

According to IAH operator Houston Airport System (HAS), the lanes enhance overall security effectiveness by using technology to better track passenger property throughout the screening process.

They also increase both operational efficiency and the passenger experience by automating some of the functions that were previously done manually.

The automated screening lanes are designed to enhance the security process, and passengers will immediately notice the following:

• Passengers now have their own area to divest personal items for placement in bins, which allows them to move at their own pace

• Conveyor belts automatically return bins to the front of the divesting area for passengers, which allows TSA officers to remain focused on detecting threats rather than moving bins to the front of the queue

• A second conveyor belt automatically separates items that pass inspection from those that require a secondary check

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