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NEWS Last modified on July 23, 2018

Detroit Metro to revamp F&B offering in North Terminal

Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) is to revamp the F&B offering in its North Terminal with the opening of 15 new outlets that it promises will deliver a combination of downtown favourites and popular national and international brands.

DTW operator, Wayne County Airport Authority, has awarded 10-year contracts to four concessionaires to operate the new concepts, construction of  which will begin in the autumn.

“For the first time since the North Terminal opened in 2008, we’re completely refreshing our food and beverage programme,” said Wayne County Airport Authority Interim CEO, Chad Newton.

 “The concessionaires were selected after a rigorous evaluation process. All four have experience operating at Detroit Metropolitan Airport and exceeded our requirements for partnering with ACDBEs —Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.

"We’re confident they will deliver a world-class dining experience for our customers.”

The new line-up of dining options includes Jimmy Buffett’s airport restaurant, Air Margaritaville. It will be the first in the Midwest and only the second in the United States.
Detroit copy
Also featured are seven Metro Detroit-based restaurants representing communities from Detroit to Ann Arbor and from Ferndale to Dearborn.

“Most of the North Terminal’s passengers are local residents or visitors to our area; they’re not connecting in Detroit to fly to other cities,” said Wayne County Airport Authority's concessions director, Greg Hatcher.

“When they’re in our terminal, we believe passengers will enjoy seeing local brands they love and those that pique their interest.”

The nearly $21 million transformation will occur in phases to ensure a variety of food options will be available at all times for customers.

The first phase will begin with construction in the fall of 2018 and conclude with the opening of new concessions in the spring of 2019.

The final phase is expected to wrap up by the spring of 2020.

Wayne County Airport Authority finished updating the retail portion of the North Terminal concessions programme by opening the final new store in the fall of 2017.

It adds that the new dining options are designed to complement the retail programme, creating a fresh, exciting and welcoming environment in the terminal.


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