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NEWS Last modified on July 30, 2018

ACI joins forces with IATA to highlight efforts to combat human trafficking

In support of the United Nations' World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, ACI World and IATA today emphasised their joint commitment and work to help combat human trafficking.

Aviation connects the world, carrying more than four billion passengers a year, and according to ACI World this global network is also used "nefariously by traffickers to transport people against their will".

As a result, ACI reveals that airports and airlines are determined to assist authorities by reporting suspected human trafficking cases, and making it as difficult as possible for the global air transport network to be exploited for this evil trade, which affects some 25 million people annually. 

It reveals that the industry is committed to raising awareness, helping to train staff to recognise the signs of trafficking, and putting in place reporting protocols to alert the appropriate authorities.
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“Human trafficking creates misery for millions, and helps fund criminal gangs and terrorism. Aviation is the business of freedom. And we are taking action to help authorities ensure that our global network is not exploited for evil ends," said IATA's director general and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac.

"As an industry, we have our eyes open, and are working with governments and law enforcement to stop trafficking.

"Through a joint campaign with our airport colleagues, we hope to further mobilise the aviation industry in the fight against this abhorrent trade in people’s lives."

While ACI World's director general, Angela Gittens, noted: “People trafficking is an appalling crime which we should do all we can to combat.

"The safety and security of passengers remains all airports’ number one priority and the airport community is determined to work with border authorities and our partners across the world in helping to put a stop to this activity.
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"We stand together with our airline colleagues in keeping our eyes open to the signs of human trafficking. Many of our airport members are already demonstrating their commitment to the campaign. We continue to strengthen our combined efforts in awareness, training, and reporting." 

To mark the UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, ACI and IATA invite airline and airport co-workers, colleagues, industry partners and supporters to raise awareness of aviation’s commitment to fight trafficking by:

• Add an overlay to profile pictures on Facebook saying “I have my #eyesopen on #humantrafficking”

• Share the resources available for airline and airport employees, such as the guidelines and training available at www.iata.org/human-trafficking and www.aci.aero/humantrafficking

• More details on the UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 

• See video comments from IATA and ACI Director Generals and airline CEOs, filmed at the IATA Annual General Meeting in June 2018



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