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NEWS Last modified on July 31, 2018

Boingo to provide Wi-Fi services at 54 airports in Brazil

Travellers passing through Brazil's airports can now expect a good Wi-Fi service following Infraero's decision to award Boingo Wireless the contract to provide services at 54 gateways across the country.

Wi-Fi coverage is now live at Aeroporto de Congonhas (CGH), Aeroporto Santos-Dumont (SDU), Aeroporto Internacional de Recife (REC) and Aeroporto Internacional de Curitiba (CWB), with Boingo’s full rollout across all 54 airports to be completed by early 2020.

Boingo will build and operate the networks with Ziva, a local wireless infrastructure company in Latin America that is well-known for its flexible hardware and software solutions.

The two companies were awarded the business after submitting a joint bid to Infraero.

“Infraero’s partnership with Boingo and Ziva will allow passengers to have a better experience when traveling through our airports,” said Marx Martins, director of Commercial Business, Infraero.

“The new Wi-Fi solution is intended to meet the demand for fast and quality connectivity while waiting to take off."

Marcos Ferraz, director of business development at Boingo, noted: “Wi-Fi is now an expectation for travellers and we’re pleased to deliver this in-demand airport amenity for millions of passengers.

“Our blazing-fast Wi-Fi helps improve the passenger experience by unlocking powerful wireless connectivity, whether travellers are browsing social networks, streaming entertainment or using the airport as their mobile office. This launch is an exciting step forward in becoming the largest airport Wi-Fi provider in Latin America.”

Brazil travellers can receive fast, free Wi-Fi sponsored by advertisers, or can opt for even faster speeds by purchasing a one-day or monthly Boingo subscription.


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