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NEWS Last modified on August 14, 2018

New seafood centre to open at Oslo Airport in 2021

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) and Sjømatterminalen AS to operate a new Seafood Centre at Oslo Airport. 

The Seafood Centre will handle up to 250.000 tons of seafood annually in a facility designed to meet industry requirements for cool chain logistics and innovation.

“We are confident in WFS’ experience in perishable cargo and their commitment to this project," enthuses Oslo Airport's cargo director, Martin Langaas.

"This is a unique opportunity to define the future of cool chain logistics for seafood as air cargo. The Seafood Centre at Oslo Airport will increase the competitiveness of Norwegian seafood globally and industrialise the handling.
The initial concept drawing for the new terminal at Oslo Airport

"With an experienced international handler as WFS, we believe Oslo Airport will increase its competitive advantage as the preferred cargo hub in Northern Europe." 

Norway stands for half of all the air cargo generated in the Nordic region. In 2017, Oslo Airport was the fastest growing Cargo Airport in Europe with a 36% growth. Some 185,000 tons where flown in and out of the airport with 90,000 tonnes being seafood.

“We have listened to the exporters and their needs to ensure quality and time to market," says airport executive vice president, Øyvind Hasaas.

"I believe the dedication from the seafood exporters in this project is an acknowledgement of the project itself. The Seafood Centre will create value for all of Norway and increase the competitiveness of Norwegian seafood globally."
Oslo cargo
In 2018, Norwegian seafood as air cargo is expected to reach some 230,000 tons. As a result, Oslo Airport is now the largest freighter airport in Northern Europe with 14 cargo airlines calling at the airport weekly.

John Batten, executive vice president cargo EMEAA at WFS, stated: “As one of the world’s leading cargo handlers globally, we are excited to expand our network into Norway and Oslo Airport.

"The seafood industry is a unique opportunity for us to share our experience and excellence in air cargo handling.

"We look forward to opening a dedicated facility at Oslo Airport that is fully adapted to the future needs of the Seafood industry.

"Our terminal will be a game changer in the handling of seafood as air cargo and be an important part of ensuring the future growth of one of Norway’s most important industries.”

Construction of the terminal is expected to commence in April 2019, with an opening of the terminal in 2021.

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