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NEWS Last modified on August 16, 2018

Attention grabbing new F&B outlet opens at Houston gateway

Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport's Terminal E just got a little more interesting for lovers of Italian food following the opening of its new Gavi restaurant. 

The latest new offering as part of United Airlines and OTG's transformation of the terminal, its southern Italian-inspired menu and soaring structure offer passengers travelling through an exciting new al fresco style dining option before they board. 

Developed with Houston chef, Ryan Pera, of Revival Market and Coltivare, Gavi features an offering reflecting Pera’s signature pairing of local ingredients and traditional family recipes.

To start, Gavi guests are met with a range of antipasti including Arancini stuffed with pesto and Pecorino; Italian Sausage and Pepperonata; and Roasted Carrots with Ricotta Salata and Romanesco.
Mains feature a variety of freshly-made pizzas including a classic Neapolitan-style Margherita to The Formaggi, comprised of fresh mozzarella, taleggio, pecorino, gouda, fontina, aged parmesan and provolone.

Traditional house-made pastas round out the menu and include a traditional Amatriciana made with fresh rigatoni, and a hearty Spaghetti Carbonara. Southern Italian-inspired ancient grain bowls and salads are also featured.

Gavi’s soaring structure is reminiscent of an outdoor Italian terrazza.
Designed in collaboration with award-winning architect and design firm Rockwell Group, the 110+ seat concept offers a contemporary patio dining experience with sweeping black canopies and abstracted trees.

To further accentuate the space and give Gavi guests that al fresco feel, large vases housing lemon trees are scattered throughout, all backed by an abstracted ceramic wall featuring a mosaic of falling leaves in shades of white and green.

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