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NEWS Last modified on August 31, 2018

New duty free and speciality stores unveiled in Cairns

Lagardère Travel Retail has proudly unveiled its full selection of Aelia Duty Free stores in Cairns International Airport's Terminal 1.

Having been awarded a 10 year concessions to operate both Duty Free and Specialty stores in Cairns Airport, the group says that it is reinforcing its strategic plan of operating three business units in one location – Duty Free & fashion, Travel Essentials and Food Service – and strengthening its ongoing and successful relationship with Cairns Airport.
Przemyslaw Lesniak, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail in Pacific, says they are thrilled that Aelia Duty Free is now unveiled.

“We are delighted to be extending our Duty Free presence to this part of the Pacific region. 
"Cairns Airport has been a valued partner of ours for 25 years and we are pleased to extend our partnership. It’s been our largest Duty Free project to date in Australia and every tiny detail has been well considered and tailored for the passengers travelling through Cairns International Airport.”

Covering over 845 square metres of retail space in Departures and 167 square meters in Arrivals, passengers travelling through Terminal 1 will discover local, regional and international brands in an engaging world class duty free environment.
Showcasing the best of luxury products from various categories including alcohol, perfumes and cosmetics, confectionary, technology, sunglasses, local gourmet, gift and wellness products, Aelia Duty Free offers a unique shopping experience in addition to its new partnership with cosmetics brands such as La Mer, Yves Saint Laurent and Jo Malone London.

A fashion accessories area was also created to deliver a broader offer by partnering with Mont Blanc, Furla, Tissot and other fashion brands.

Lagardère Travel Retail also allocated a specific space to feature tech products through its Tech2Go concept.

Driven by the Aelia Duty Free concept Four Key Pillars; The Art of the Gift, Facilitation, Care and Here and Nowhere else, the store uses a strong sense of place through design elements such as extensive use of LED digital on key columns and ceilings, bringing the reef and rainforest experience of far North Queensland to life.

This innovation allows tailored and customised messaging to the diverse mix of passengers travelling through Cairns International Airport.

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