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NEWS Last modified on September 3, 2018

Hobart Airport to refurbish its Departures lounge to enhance passenger comfort

Hobart Airport is to carry out a A$4.5 million refurbishment of its departures lounge as part of its "continuing commitment to enhancing the passenger experience".

Airport CEO, Sarah Renner, said the refurbishment is scheduled for completion by mid-December 2018, ready to accommodate the increased passenger numbers that the peak summer period brings.

Works will commence by mid-September and will deliver approximately 170 additional seats, a refurbished bar and café, new food and beverage options and renovated amenities in the main departures area.

Renner said the focus of the multi-million-dollar investment is to enhance the customer experience and improve passenger comfort.

“We appreciate the departures hall is in need of a refresh. Whilst planning is continuing for the longer-term redevelopment of our terminal, we will be completing our enhanced departures project prior to Christmas in order to deliver an improved customer experience over the peak season,” she enthused.

"At the heart of the design is our absolute desire and focus to create a sense of place, something that is inherently Tasmanian and something that our community can be proud of.”

The airport will remain fully operational as work is progressively completed, some of the works will, however, include short-term closures of specific areas of the departures area.

“We are mindful that undertaking works while maintaining operations has the potential to cause some congestion within certain parts of the terminal. We will do everything we can to minimise disruption to the travelling public," assured Renner.

Hobart Airport has just experienced its busiest year ever, with over 2.6 million passengers travelling through the airport over the past 12 months.

Renner said Hobart Airport continues to plan for a terminal expansion into the future.

Howewver, any such development requires extensive public consultation, airline negotiation and Federal Government approval, with consultation process allone typically taking between six to 12 months.

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