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NEWS Last modified on September 5, 2018

Design team announced for Yantai International Airport's new Terminal 2

An Aedas led team has been awarded the design and construction contract for the new Terminal 2 at Yantai International Airport Terminal in China.

Aedas is the lead architect in an international team consisting of CSWADI and New Era Airport Design Institute.

Scheduled to open in 2021, the new 167,000-square-metre building will be located south of existing Terminal 1 and is expected to be serving 23 million passengers annually by 2030.

And with a planned expansion to over 200,000 square metres, its capacity will rise to 34 million passengers per annum by 2040.

The project is part of the airport’s Phase 2 expansion plan.
According to Aedas, the sweeping roof form of the terminal is inspired by the Yantai’s majestic Kunyu Mountain.

It notes: "Undulating skylights will bring light deep into the terminal’s Departures check-in and processing Halls.

"The concourses are arranged to form a long coastline, with generous bays for aircraft parking and circulation. Skylights over the concourses guides passengers intuitively towards the departure gates."

The expansion project for Yantai International Airport is vital to allow the region to meet rapidly increasing demand for air travel generated by the growing Yantai and Shandong economies.

Yantai is known for its unique coastal mountainscape.

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