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The Oktoberfest celebrations begin... at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport today started its own Oktoberfest season celebrations... with an oompah band, men in lederhosen, women in traditional Bavarian beer hall dresses and a yodeller!

It is the sixth year in a row that the airport has decided to stage its own colourful Oktoberfest-themed activities and music in the terminals.

A total of three wandering Oktoberfest bands will entertain guests in the main international departure areas with traditional Bavarian brass band music.

The airport also promises some "exciting pastimes" ranging from a wheel of fortune to a virtual can knockdown game.
At stands around the terminals, passengers can have gingerbread hearts custom-inscribed with sugar icing or try an original Oktoberfest beer. ||

And, as special treat, a professional yodeller will be present on some days to teach the basics of his art to travellers.

Besides the German brands, special Oktoberfest souvenirs will also be available for purchase.

Whilw many restaurants and bistros will also take you on a culinary voyage to Bavaria with specialties including white sausage, giant soft pretzels and fresh tap beer in one-liter mugs.

During this traditional event, the terminals will be adorned with pictures of the Oktoberfest in Munich from an art project by photographer Jochen Manz.

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