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NEWS Last modified on September 11, 2018

New jet bridges added in Austin-Bergstrom expansion programme

Four jet bridges have been added to the nine-gate terminal expansion taking place at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Two are new jet bridges that have been fitted and attached to the terminal expansion at the Texas gateway.

The other two were previously in operation and are being modernised by receiving cosmetic upgrades such as new carpeting, wall panels, and replacement mechanical parts.

Inside the terminal expansion, business counters are being constructed to allow more locations to operate laptops and mobile devices and to provide electrical charging options.
Drywalling has started below the customs corridor and carpeting has been installed inside the in the sterile corridor.

The second set of stairs that leads to the east terrace and mezzanine level is under construction along with the passenger elevator.

Final Master Plan 

The airpot reveals that all are welcome to attend the fourth and final public workshop for the ABIA 2040 Master Plan, on Wednesday, September 26 at 6pm to learn more about the terminal, kerbside, and transportation improvements being recommended and how the ABIA Planning team sees the airport in 20 years.

In the meantime, Phase III of gate renumbering at the Austin airport will see Gates 10-15 become Gates 19-24.

The number changes are complete to the west end of the terminal and renumbering at the mid concourse gates is expected to occur the night of September 14 into the morning of September 15 to Gates 10-15.
4-gate renumbering -maps 400x252
The renumbering includes changes to all the numbers at the gates, on the concourse, jet bridges, jet parking and on the directional/wayfinding signs in the airport. 

This is to adjust to the addition of gates to the Barbara Jordan Terminal created by the construction of the nine-gate expansion currently in progress.

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