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Work has officially began on the expansion of Thessaloniki Airport with the ground breaking ceremony for its eagerly awaited new terminal.

Airport operator, Fraport Greece, expects Thessaloniki 'Makedonia' Airport's (SKG) new 34,000sqm passenger terminal to open in 2021.

Fraport Greece, a subsidiary of Fraport AG, is investing some €100 million in creating a “new era” at Greece’s second largest city.  

Along with the second terminal, this investment includes refurbishing the existing terminal (total floor space of 24,000 sqm), constructing a new fire station, and upgrading the wast-water biological treatment unit as well as connecting it to the main city network. 

Other enhancements will increase operational capacity thanks to more check-in counters (up 47%), a doubling of the security lanes, additional baggage delivery belts (up 75%), and a 50% increase in the number of terminal gates.

At the same time, major upgrade works taking place elsewhere at the airport include reconstructing the runway and apron areas and installing a modern baggage handling and control system.  

Fraport Greece’s SKG development programme, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021, will significantly increase capacity for a modern gateway to the city of Thessaloniki and its wider region.

Commenting on the Thessaloniki Airport expansion and the Greek regional airports, Fraport CEO Schulte said: “Fraport is proud to present the new exciting vision of Thessaloniki Airport – our single largest infrastructure investment in Greece. 

"Thessaloniki region has an amazing heritage and a dynamic future – which requires an airport fit for the future. 

"Step by step, we are improving procedures, operations, services, connectivity and infrastructure. Our goal is to enhance the overall customer experience.  

"We are highly committed. Together, with our partners and stakeholders, we are meeting the challenge – not only in Thessaloniki but also at the other regional airports.”

Fraport Greece CEO, Alexander Zinell, stressed the importance of the project for Thessaloniki and the Makedonia region, as well as for the entire country.

He ethused: “Today marks the dawn of a new growth era for Greece.  There is no better place to start a new chapter than at this historic city. 

"Thessaloniki's newly emerging airport represents much more than the €100 million construction project – out of Fraport Greece’s total €415 million infrastructure investment for all 14
regional airports.  

"Quite simply, our goal is to completely transform Thessaloniki Airport into a modern hub for the southeastern Balkans.”

Representatives of central and local government, political parties, professional bodies, associations and other stakeholders from Thessaloniki and the greater Makedonia region attended yesterday's ground breaking ceremony.   

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