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NEWS Last modified on September 25, 2018

Miami International Airport to be test site for new security technologies

Miami International Airport (MIA) has been selected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as one of only two test sites for emerging perimeter intrusion detection and deterrence technologies.

All the technologies trialled at MIA have been developed and tested in other high-risk transportation and public area venues.

The lessons gained from the pilot programme in the airport environment could be replicated by TSA nationwide.

"Having MIA tapped to play a key role in evaluating cutting-edge security technologies for airports across the United States is an absolute honour for our county," says Miami-Dade County's Mayor, Carlos Gimenez.

“We appreciate our federal partners at the TSA for their collaboration and funding in this endeavour.”
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The new perimeter intrusion detection and deterrence technologies at MIA are estimated to cost approximately $5 million.

Full funding was made possible through Congress’ passage of the Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act, which allocated TSA the funding necessary to develop a multi-year plan to analyse and test perimeter intrusion detection and deterrence technologies at airports.

TSA officials will send a survey team visit to MIA by mid-November to assess the potential scope and direction of the project, and will work alongside the airport for the procurement and installation of the technology, selected jointly by the TSA and the airport.

Advanced technology solutions will be implemented in key areas of airport perimeters, and the agency will collaborate with airport authorities regarding locations and technologies to be installed. 

San Jose International Airport (SJC) is the only other airport in the programme.
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Once the installation phase is completed at both sites, TSA will continue assessments, testing, data collection and operational refinements through August 2019 with the key findings  expected to be announced in September of next year.

“We look forward to being on the frontline of this cutting-edge security technology,” enthuses Miami-Dade aviation director, Lester Sola. 

“Opportunities like this, which assist us in providing a safer and more efficient airport for passengers and business partners alike, will always be welcomed with open arms.”


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