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NEWS Last modified on October 9, 2018

Pharma certificate for dnata's facility at Zurich Airport

Dnata's state-of-the-art facility at Zurich Airport has been awarded the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification for pharmaceutical handling services.

GDP is a programme focused on systems for warehouses and distribution centres that store and distribute products that are medicinal or carry active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Setting stringent standards, the scheme ensures that consistent quality management systems are in place throughout the entire supply chain.

In achieving the certification, dnata has proven its capability of handling pharmaceutical products safely and reliably.

In order to meet the requirements, dnata has completely refurbished one of its warehouses at Zürich Airport and made significant enhancements to its quality systems, operations documentation and facilities management practices.
It claims that its customer-oriented staff have been also thoroughly trained on all processes and requirements at each level of the organisation. 

A global cargo services provider, dnata constantly invests in cutting-edge pharma handling technologies, which is underlined by the GDP certification of its Amsterdam Schiphol, London, Manchester and Singapore Changi.

Including two Swiss airports, Zürich and Geneva, dnata provides cargo handling services at 44 airports in 11 countries moving over three million tons of cargo a year.

Roger Gutzwiller, GDP/pharma manager for cargo, dnata Switzerland, said: “We are delighted to achieve GDP certification of our freshly refurbished facility in Zürich. 

"Over the past years we’ve significantly invested in our operations to meet the highest standards in quality and safety and with today’s announcement and the constant growth of our customer base our efforts are clearly paying off.  

"We stay committed to providing service excellence to all of our more than 30 air cargo customers every day.”  


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