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NEWS Last modified on October 22, 2018

Huge new building wrap unveiled at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport is now home to one of Australia’s largest advertising building wraps courtesy of the 1,957sqm display on the western face of T1 International's multi-storey car park.

Large-format outdoor innovators, Wideopen Platform, has partnered with the airport on the project.

Sydney Airport's general manager for retail, Glyn Williams, said the new wrap delivers another significant media opportunity for advertisers at Australia’s gateway, beyond the existing portfolio.

“We’re excited to deliver an engaging platform for Australian and international brands to tell their story to a large and diverse audience," he says.

"This is a prominent location, visible to all those travelling in and around the airport precinct."

While Tomer Cohen, managing director of Wideopen Platform, notes: “We’re extremely excited about our partnership with Sydney Airport and bringing our large-format outdoor media solutions to the Australian market.

“We provide brands with an opportunity to cut through the clutter, delivering relevance and undeniable impact.”

Sydney Airport’s new large-format building wrap can be viewed from the Southern approach to the T1 International terminal from the M5 and Marsh Street. 

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