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NEWS Last modified on October 25, 2018

New aircraft fuel facility opens at Moscow Sheremetyevo

Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport has a third aircraft refuelling facilty after the successful commissioning of a centralised hydrant system serving its North Terminal.

The project was implemented by AERO-Sheremetyevo JSC – a joint venture of LUKOIL-AERO LLC and Sheremetyevo International Airport JSC – as part of Sheremetyevo’s long-term development programme.

It has the capacity to provide up to 1.2 million tonnes of jet fuel per year with fuel fed from a 20,000 cubic metre tank.
According to the airport, the new hydrants serve 27 aircraft parking positions on the apron of Terminal B of the North Terminal.

The gateway also notes that the hydrant system is equipped with automated emergency systems to detect and prevent oil and gas leaks as well as electro-chemical corrosion.

An audit carried out last week awarded the new facility the highest IATA Fuel Quality Pool rating.
"The existing fueling infrastructure of Sheremetyevo is guaranteed to provide high-quality fuel to air carriers at the best market conditions, providing airline carriers with an effective base, operating and economic activities," states the airport.

Over 40 million passengers (+17.8%) passed through Moscow Sheremetyevo in 2017 to maintain its status as Russia's busiest airport for passenger traffic. 


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