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NEWS Last modified on November 6, 2018

New independent lounge opens at India's Ahmedabad Airport

The world's largest independent airport lounge network, Plaza Premium Lounge, has opened a new facility in Ahmedabad Airport in India.

Ahmedabad is the largest city and former capital of the Indian state of Gujarat and a fast emerging economic and industrial hub.

The grand opening event commenced with the traditional ‘Tilak’ ceremony followed by revoking the blessings of the Gods with the ‘Ganesh Vandana’.

“As our 15th location in India, we are now operating in four major cities including Bangalore, New Delhi, and Hyderabad," enthused Song Hoi-see, founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group.

"India is a key market for our group, and we look forward to bringing world-class airport hospitality to Ahmedabad Airport."

Strategically located at Level 1, opposite Gate 3 in the International Departures of Terminal 2, the Ahmedabad lounge spans 2,131 square feet and has seating for up to 65 guests.

In addition to complimentary Wi-Fi, charging stations and international newspapers and magazines, the new lounge offers a wide range of national and international Indian dishes, power showers and seated massage chairs for guests to refresh and relax before takeoff and during transit.

"The aim of my department has been to act as a conduit between the airport services and travellers by providing the world-class comfort and experience within the airport," said Ahmedabad Airport's commercial manager, DK Singh.

Plaza Premium Lounge notes that its Ahmedabad lounge is also the first independent pay-in lounge in India to go plastic free following the company's decision to go green and to reduce its carbon footprint. 

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