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NEWS Last modified on November 9, 2018

Sydney Airport supports project to revive local wetlands

Sydney Airport, in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia and Bayside Council, has launched a three-year project to revive a critically important habitat and key community space.

This major partnership will involve engaging with the local community to drive environmental restoration activities throughout the Rockdale Wetlands Biodiversity Corridor.

The Rockdale Wetlands runs from the Cooks River to Sans Souci and has been identified as a critically important habitat for the protection of declining flora and fauna species in the local area.
The parklands and riparian areas attract birdwatchers and nature study groups while also supporting a range of other recreational activities, including extensive cycling tracks, sporting fields, tennis courts and playgrounds used by the community.

Sydney Airport CEO, Geoff Culbert, said the airport was focused on supporting community and environmental assets in the Botany area.

“Not only do the Rockdale Wetlands play an incredibly important role in supporting biodiversity in the area, but they also bring the community together,” he said.

“We’re very pleased to partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia and Bayside Council to revive this critical habitat and nurture it for the benefit of the entire local community.
“We’re committed to supporting our local communities and making a tangible contribution to protecting biodiversity and preserving Sydney’s world-renowned natural beauty.”

Conservation Volunteers Australia CEO, Phil Harrison, enthused: “We’re excited to be partnering with Sydney Airport and Bayside Council to provide ongoing support to Rockdale Wetlands Biodiversity Corridor and we encourage all members of the community to come and join in.”

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