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NEWS Last modified on November 19, 2018

Quito's Andrew O'Brian elected as the new president of ACI-LAC

Andrew O'Brian, president and CEO of Quito International Airport operator, Corporación Quiport, is the new president of ACI Latin America-Caribbean (ACI-LAC).

He was unanimously voted to the ACI-LAC hot-seat at last week's ACI-LAC Regional Assembly, Conference & Exhibition in Miami.

“The experience I have gained over my time at ACI-LAC has shown me the importance of having a very solid association of airports that can handle the challenges we face in the industry," noted O'Brian during his acceptance speech.

He called upon representatives of the airports participating in the Assembly to work even more closely together in the future "to help the organisation and the Latin American and Caribbean airport sector reach new heights".

ACI-LAC representing the interests of more than 270 airports in the Latin American and Caribbean region that between them handle 584 million passengers and 5.1 million tonnes of cargo annually.


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