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NEWS Last modified on November 22, 2018

SSP enters South American market with Brazilian airport F&B concessions

Food and beverage operator, SSP, has announced it will be entering the South American travel market for the first time after securing contracts at two Brazilian airports that are said to be worth £70 million over the nine year concession period.

A joint venture partnership between SSP and Duty Free Americas (DFA) will see a mix of international brands launched at São Paulo–Guarulhos (GRU) and Rio de Janeiro–Tom Jobim International Airport (GIG).

GRU is the largest airport in South America, handling around 40 million passengers per annum, while GIG currently welcomes some 16mppa.

The brands in the line-up include coffee shop Ritazza, contemporary restaurant Factory Bar & Kitchen, bakery brand Upper Crust, Jamie’s Deli from leading celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Italian brand Barzetti, Mexican-themed concept Mi Casa Burritos, hot dog brand Monty’s Dogs & Cones, sports bar O’Learys and healthy eating brand Camden food co.The outlets will launch in Spring next year.

DFA is one of the leading travel retailers operating in North and South America, with 236 stores in 13 countries offering an extensive range of cosmetics, tobacco, jewellery, wines, spirits and luxury goods.

Kate Swann, CEO of SSP Group, said: “We’re delighted to be making our first move into the exciting South American market.
Rio Tom
"Our new operations at two of Brazil’s most prestigious airports will provide us with a strong platform to grow our business in this rapidly developing region.”

Leon Falic, president of DFA, commented: “For DFA, these new joint venture restaurants are an important step in consolidating our presence in Brazil.

"Together with our Duty Free, Duty Paid and Convenience store formats, we provide a true world class customer experience to the Brazilian market. We look forward to continue expanding the F&B business with SSP in the region.”

Gustavo Figueiredo, CEO of GRU, noted: “Having SSP, with its extensive line of Food & Beverage operations, meets GRU Airport's objective of delivering the best and most diversified services to passengers.”

While Gabriel França, CCO of GIG, remarked: “We want Tom Jobim International Airport to be a part of the passenger's journey, not just a starting point for a flight, but a complete and memorable experience.

"A partnership like this, with SSP and DFA, brings even more quality and varietyhelping us to achieve the highest standard of excellence.”


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