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NEWS Last modified on November 26, 2018

New car parking revenue management system for Swedish airports

Sweden's Stockholm Arlanda and Gothenburg Landvetter airports are to implement GrayMatter's car parking revenue management (CPRM) solution to improve the efficiency of their parking operations.

The automated system will recommend optimal pricing for the airports' car parks and also assist in the monitoring and decision-making processes.

Stockholm Arlanda has approximately 16,000 spaces across 15 car parks while Gothenburg Landvetter has some 9,000 spaces across 7 car parks.

The gateways are the prize assets of Swedish airport operator, Swedavia.

Eva-Lena Söderberg, Swedavia's manager for B2C products and pricing, parking and entry, says: “We are excited with the promise of an automated system that would enable smarter pricing and stronger decision support.

"I have used similar revenue management systems for hotels and looking forward to seeing GrayMatter’s CPRM in action for our airports."

While Swedavia's head of parking, parking and entry, Vita Andrews, noted "I am expecting that the CPRM system would enable much more accurate pricing in response to dynamic changes in factors affecting car park occupancy."

GrayMatter CEO, Vikas Gupta, enthused: “We are glad to associate with Swedavia for this engagement. We are positive that the CPRM system shall deliver significant business value to Swedavia."

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