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Groupe ADP invests in air traffic management optimisation start-up

Global airport operator, Groupe ADP, has purchased an equity stake in Innov'ATM via the ADP Invest fund dedicated to investing in new and innovative companies.

This acquisition ties in with Groupe ADP's strategy of strengthening the operational performance of its airports' aeronautical activities.

Optimising airport infrastructure capacity

According to Groupe ADP, Innov'ATM has developed a software suite that optimises the air traffic around airport infrastructures, both in the air and on the ground using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The software manages all aircraft movement on the runway during departure, as well as in flight on arrival as the aircraft approaches the airport.

It says that this system reduces wait times on runways during take-off and landing through a highly visual interface adapted to each user.

Innov'ATM was founded in France in 2014 by two experts in air traffic management software. 

"A major challenge for airport infrastructure managers is the optimisation of airport capacity, which requires a highly efficient use of airspace, runways and aircraft parking areas, and which in turn helps to reduce air pollution," notes Groupe ADP.

Innov'ATM is also currently developing a software suite for managing drone flights, in partnership with the French Civil Aviation Authority, Thales, and Groupe ADP.

Raising €1 million in funds

Groupe ADP is participating in a round of fundraising alongside the investment fund Irdinov (one of the company's long-term shareholders) with a target of €1 million.

It hopes that this will enable Innov'ATM to accelerate its commercial and international development, strengthen its workforce, and pursue its research and development programme.

"The investment will enable us to accelerate the co-development of innovative solutions and their future implementation," comments Groupe ADP

"Global air traffic is expected to double by 2035. The optimisation of air traffic flows, both on the ground and in the air, is thus crucial to solving the growing issue of airport congestion."

Edward Arkwright, Deputy CEO of Groupe ADP, adds: "It is essential that, as of today, we explore more efficient ways of dealing with the rapid growth of air transport, such as improving passenger capacity and air traffic management.

"This is a challenge not only for Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, which has the potential to accommodate 75 million passengers by 2020, but for runways around the world, along with other issues such as reducing emissions.

"Our critical fundraising efforts will enable entrepreneurs to accelerate their companies’ growth, global expansion and product development in collaboration with Groupe ADP, operating throughout our network of airports both in France and abroad.

"The investment ties in closely with our ‘Innovation Hub’ programme, launched in March 2017, which seeks to establish strategic partnerships with new and innovative companies through our recently-created internal dedicated fund."

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