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NEWS Last modified on December 3, 2018

Board approves master plan to develop Moscow Sheremetyevo

The Board of Directors has approved the multi-phase development of Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport.

It has given the green light for the construction and renovation of Terminal C (Phase 1) along with updated parking lot reconstruction plans.

And it has rubber stamped plans to develop a rail station in the Northern Terminal Complex.

The new master plan to 2024 has effectively commissioned the following objects:

In 2019, the airport will construct a third runway, increasing the capacity of the airport from 55 to 90 aircracft movements per hour.

Phase 1 of Terminal C construction will also finish in 2019, offering an annual capacity of 20 million passengers and multilevel parking for 2,500 vehicles.

In 2020, the airport will add a hangar complex with an aircraft maintenance area to the third runway. The complex will feature at least seven hangars for our partner airlines, and process pads for specialised ground handling and airfield service vehicles.
In 2021, Phase 2 of construction will begin on Terminal C, increasing its capacity by 10mppa, along with an additional 1,500 parking spots in the multi-level complex.

The airport will also develop a railway and rail station in the Northern Terminal Complex, which will provide passengers with a direct connection from Central Moscow to Terminals B and C of SIA.

JSC Russian Railways will lead the rail project for Sheremetyevo.

In 2022, SIA will develop an apron for the third runway that will host more than 40 parking lots for aircraft. Developers will also construct a Sheremetyevo 'Moscow Cargo' terminal with a capacity to handle 380,000 tons of cargo annually.

Chairman of the Board, Alexander Ponomarenko, noteds: "We determined the most important strategic milestones in the infrastructure modernisation and construction projects to be implemented in the Master Development Plan of Sheremetyevo International Airport until 2024.

"This will ensure the long-term steady development of airlines and business partners for the benefit of our passengers and clients.

"Implementation of the Master Development Plan will strengthen Sheremetyevo's position as the largest Russian airport, and as a competitive passenger and cargo hub in Europe and in the world.

"The new infrastructure of Sheremetyevo Airport will contribute to the effective realisation of Russia's air transport potential."


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