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NEWS Last modified on December 4, 2018

Swedavia awards security contract at Gothenburg Landvetter to Securitas

Swedevia has signed an agreement with Securitas to provide security services at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport from May 1, 2019. 

The gateway is Sweden’s second largest airport, handling around seven million passengers per annum.

Landvetter is currently the only one of Swedavia's bigger airports where it provides its own security operations, but these services will be outsourced to Securitas from next year.

Securitas, which already provides security services at a number of Swedavia’s airports, was awarded the contract following a public tender process.

"We are pleased that Securitas, with its experience, is going to be our new partner at Göteborg Landvetter," enthuses airport security director, Mats Paulsson.

As a result of the agreement, Securitas will be responsible for security screening, airport protection and other security services at the airport for the next four years if a one year extension clause in the contract is taken up.

"It is the airport’s task to manage and maintain cost-effectiveness with a strong focus on safety, security and passengers," says airport director, Charlotte Ljunggren.

"We will now do this in partnership with Securitas as we continue to develop Göteborg Landvetter into a strong regional airport for both business and leisure travellers."

Securitas already carries out security services like those included in the agreement for Gothenburg Landvetter Airport at Stockholm Bromma and Malmö airports in Sweden. 

It also provides airport security guards at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

As a result of this agreement, nearly 300 of Swedavia's employees at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport will be affected when operations are placed under the management of Securitas.

Swedavia has overall responsibility for safety, security and the management of safety and security work at all Swedavia airports, regardless of whether safety and security operations are carried out under the auspices of Swedavia or a contractor.

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