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NEWS Last modified on December 5, 2018

Indian restaurant spicing up life at Toronto Pearson

Diners at OTG's Marathi Indian restaurant at Toronto Pearson can spice up their home life, too, from Monday as the Indian restaurant’s executive chef, Paul George, will be giving away spice kits to pre-flight diners.

The giveaway will last for three weeks or as long as stocks last and the kits will also contain a recipe for Chicken Biryani that they can try at home.

Marathi, which offers traditional dishes such as Butter Chicken, but also adds some contemporary twists, like Naan Panini and Black Tiger Shrimp Vindaloo, is based in Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 1.

Indian born chef George was has been with OTG for five years, developing and executing Marathi’s innovative menu. OTG says that he is well known for his spices and personally curates his own blends.

“Indian cooking has big flavours but the secret is actually in the delicate balance of blending spices,” said George.
“I love to visit spice markets all the time and it’s my own point of pride to find the best, whether from India or our local community, to customise my own personal blend for each dish we serve at Marathi.

"I’m really excited to be sharing my spice blends with our diners so they can take Marathi home and experiment with recreating some of our recipes for themselves.”

Scott Collier, vice president for customer and terminal services with the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA), enthused: “Toronto Pearson aims to bring an authentic Toronto experience to our nearly 50 million annual passengers from around the world.

“Our partnership with OTG and the creative Indian cuisine featured at Marathi are a true reflection of the diverse tastes of our city and a great way to sample some of Toronto's best food without leaving the airport.”

To complement Marathi’s rich spices and bold flavors, OTG is launching new cocktails including the Jitney Julep made with bourbon, orange bitters and fresh muddled coriander syrup.


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