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NEWS Last modified on December 7, 2018

Munich's Kerkloh to retire at the end of 2019

Dr Michael Kerkloh, president and CEO of Munich Airport and one of aviation's biggest personalities, is to retire at the end of 2019.

Kerkloh, re-elected president of ACI Europe in June, has held the top job at Munich Airport since 2002.

Over his airport management career, Kerkloh came to be seen as one of the most experienced and respected experts in the industry, both in Germany and at the international level.

Major milestones for Munich Airport in the Kerkloh years include the opening of Terminal 2 in 2003, the commissioning of the satellite terminal in 2016, and the decision to expand and upgrade Terminal 1.

Under Kerkloh's leadership, Munich Airport has consistently ranked high in the World Airport Awards, announced annually by the respected Skytrax Institute in London, and has been chosen 'Best Airport in Europe' 11 times.

Moreover, Munich was granted 'Five-star Airport' status in 2015 – and is still the only airport in Europe to earn that title.
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At today's meeting of the Munich Airport's supervisory board, the chairman, Minister of State Albert Füracker, said: "At this point we can already say that suring his time as CEO, Dr Kerkloh has rendered outstanding service to Munich Airport and to Bavaria's competitiveness in the world of aviation.

"The house he will leave behind in 12 months is in excellent order. For his hard work and achievements, I wish to express my sincere thanks."

Kerkloh, who hails from Ahlen in the state of North Rhine Westphalia and holds a doctorate in economics, began his career in aviation at Frankfurt Airport in 1987, where he was responsible for operational planning and the organisation of aircraft handling before joining Hamburg airport in 1995, where he served as CEO for seven years. 

At its meeting today, the Supervisory Board agreed, with Kerkloh's consent, stated that it would begin the search for a suitable successor with the support of an executive recruitment consultancy. 

He will continue to hold office as the CEO of the airport until December 31, 2019.

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