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NEWS Last modified on December 19, 2018

YVR sets new traffic record as it handles over 25 million passengers in 2018

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) broke new ground yesterday when it welcomed its 25 millionth passenger of 2018 – reaching the annual milestone two years ahead of forecast.

It attributes the accelerated growth to a strong British Columbia economy and an impressive three years of air service development due to ConnectYVR—YVR's five year aeronautical rates and charges programme.

ConnectYVR rewards airlines for growing their services at YVR as a means to create more jobs, increase access to global destinations and open additional markets for BC goods.
Craig Richmond, president and CEO of Vancouver Airport Authority, enthused: "Growth at YVR is good for the region and the province of British Columbia. 

"Each new flight brings substantial impact, creating hundreds of jobs and providing millions of dollars in economic benefit across the province.
"We have been growing at an incredible pace and couldn't have done this without help from our amazing airport community.

"We will continue to rely on our partners to deliver excellent customer experiences as we address this growth with our ambitious multi-billion-dollar construction program to build the airport of the future."

Mark Galardo, vice president of network planning at Air Canada, remarked: "We congratulate our partner YVR on their significant milestone of welcoming 25 million passengers! 

"Air Canada has strategically built YVR as its premier trans-Pacific hub, having grown our capacity here by more than 52% over the past five years, translating to more than 700,000 seats departing YVR this past August alone.
"Seamless connections through in-transit preclearance facilities and competitive elapsed flying times have helped make Air Canada and YVR a preferred option for trans-Pacific travel by efficiently connecting our extensive international flights from Asia, Australia, India, Europe, Caribbean and Mexico to our broad Canadian and North American network."

While Marsha Walden, CEO of Destination British Columbia, noted: "This is an incredible milestone. As British Columbia's primary gateway for air travellers, YVR plays an integral role in bringing visitors to all parts of our province.

"And, as the best airport in North America, we know YVR is a special starting place for the extraordinary experiences our province offers global visitors."

YVR plays a significant role in the local, provincial and national economy – creating jobs and driving business activity. 

Indeed, the airport supports 24,000 jobs on Sea Island and more than 100,000 jobs across the province.
YVR aerial
YVR's operations – together with tourism and cargo – contribute more than C$16 billion in total economic output, C$8.4 billion in GDP and C$1.4 billion in government revenue across BC.

Growth projections show that YVR will serve 32 million passengers by 2022, with 29 million passengers targeted for 2020.

YVR has also updated its targets to facilitate the movement of 327,000 tonnes of cargo and serve 144 destinations by 2020.

Currently YVR connects people and businesses to 127 non-stop destinations worldwide. Each new flight through YVR creates hundreds of jobs and contributes millions of dollars in economic benefit to the province.

To accommodate this continued growth, YVR embarked on an ambitious 20-year, C$9.1 billion expansion programme earlier this year. 

These expansion projects have additional significant economic and employment benefits in the region.

Construction activities at YVR have created nearly 2,500 full-time construction jobs on Sea Island in 2018 and hundreds more off-site, and they are expected to sustain thousands of jobs for the next two decades.




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