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NEWS Last modified on December 20, 2018

Fraport signs new ground handling contract with Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport

Fraport AG Ground Services will continue to provide ground handling services to Lufthansa aircraft at Frankfurt Airport for at least another seven years after singing a contract extension yesterday.

Fraport AG’s executive board member and labour director, Michael Müller, said: “We are pleased to extend the long-standing and successful partnership with Lufthansa as our most important customer at Frankfurt Airport.

"Following a series of constructive talks, we submitted a competitive offer. The new agreement contains an extensive package of services and agreed quality standards.”

Under the agreement, Fraport’s ground handling unit will be responsible for a range of services, including loading and unloading of Lufthansa passenger aircraft, baggage and cargo transportation, passenger bus transfers to and from the aircraft, as well as pushback, supply and waste disposal services.

The two partners have defined a number of key priorities in the new agreement, with a focus on punctuality, transfer quality, baggage claim times and standards for process stability.

This, says Fraport AG, will contribute to ensuring Frankfurt Airport’s position as a leading aviation hub, now and in the future.

Moreover, Fraport and Lufthansa plan to implement a number of innovations in various processes over the term of the agreement, all aimed to further raise ground handling efficiency and continuously enhance service quality.

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