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NEWS Last modified on December 21, 2018

London Gatwick's runway re-opens for reduced flight schedule

London's Gatwick Airport re-opened its runway at 6am this morning and is expected to operate a reduced schedule for much of the day while investigations continue into the drone sightings that forced it to cancel all operations since Wednesday night.

A 9am statement issued by the airport reads: "Gatwick’s runway is currently available having re-opened at 06:00. Aircraft are taking off and landing this morning, but passengers can expect continued delays and cancellations as a result of the disruption yesterday.   

"Gatwick continues to strongly advise passengers to check the status of their flight with their airline before travelling to the airport.
"Overnight we have been able to work with partners, including government agencies and the military to put measures in place which have provided the confidence we needed to re-open the runway and ensure the safety of passengers, which remains our priority.

"We continue to provide welfare and information to all disrupted passengers who are at the airport and have had teams in throughout the night. 

"Our priority today is to get our operation back on track so that people can be where they need to be for Christmas, and we will update as more information becomes available throughout the day."

The drone attacks, as initially described by the BBC, have caused traffic chaos, forcing hundreds of flights to be cancelled,  leaving thousands of passegers stranded at the UK gateway.


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