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NEWS Last modified on February 15, 2019

Airfield renovation project completed in Montego Bay

CEMEX today announced that it led an international team of specialists in charge of renovating 35,000sqm of taxiways at Sangster International Sangster Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

It notes that it created its own concrete plant on the island for the job and brought supplies from Mexico that weren’t available locally together with a next-generation paver to lay 22,500m3 of concrete.

These actions, it says, guaranteed not only the timely completion of the project, but also the highest quality of the final product.

With the equipment on site, CEMEX Mexico’s 30 specialists in pavement, maintenance, topography, quality, management, and control worked to complete the project without interrupting the airport’s operations.

"The CEMEX team collaborated with the airport’s authorities to produce high resistance concrete and execute the project without affecting air traffic," explained Alejandro Vares, infrastructure and government vice president of CEMEX Mexico.

It took less than six months to complete the project, which has extended the lifepan of the airport's taxiways by at least 20 years.


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