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NEWS Last modified on February 21, 2019

New campaign by Canada's airports aims to reignite the wonder of air travel

The Canadian Airports Council (CAC) has launched a new digital campaign called the 'Wonder Takes Flight' that it hopes will reignite frequent travellers' enthusiasm for travel.

The bilingual marketing campaign will be featured online and in-airports across the country and aim capture the awe and enthusiasm that most kids feels when they visit an airport for the first time.

CAC notes: "For many frequent travellers, airports simply serve as an entry point to the next destination. Wonder Takes Flight aims to inspire and remind frequent travellers of the excitement and opportunity that lives within an airport."

Each ad features heartwarming reactions, beautiful airport visuals and some of the impressive technology that lives within Canada’s airports.
This is a new direction for the CAC. Previous campaigns spoke to the facts and figures of the positive economic impact airports have on local communities.

“We’re proud of Canada’s airports. They serve as a hub for business and technology, as well as the gateway to excitement and adventure,” says Sam Samaddar, CAC chair and director of Kelowna International Airport.

“Through this campaign we hope to reignite frequent travellers’ enthusiasm for travel –whether it be for business, leisure or exploration.”

The campaign is supported by international and regional airports across Canada. Many have generously donated on-site digital and print billboards, as well as their own social channels, to help share the message with travellers.

Wonder Takes Flight will run on various platforms until June 2019. 

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