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NEWS Last modified on February 25, 2019

SSP Canada to open new F&B outlets at YVR

SSP Canada has been awarded three contracts to develop and operate a new group of food and beverage concession spaces at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

The contracts will see SSP Canada introduce a diverse portfolio of award-winning local brands anchored by two wholly modern, innovative fast casual brands with a national presence.

Scott Welding, SSP Canada's vice president of business development, said: “YVR’s ever-increasing passenger numbers reflect not only the region’s global appeal but also, the gateway’s capacity to accommodate new routes and carriers.
"With its 20-year capital construction projects, it’s clear that YVR is focused on the future. SSP Canada is delighted to be a part of this continued growth and investment. We are enormously proud of our brands and partnerships that highlight the very best of this truly wonderful region.” 

SSP’s line-up will include Hawksworth Kitchen by David Hawksworth (Domestic Pier C, Post-Security); Steamworks Bar & Restaurant (Domestic Level 3, Pre-Security); Whistler Brewing Lodge (International, Post-Security); Heritage Asian Eatery (Domestic Pier C Food Hall, Post-Security); The Dirty Apron (Domestic Pier C Food Hall, Post-Security) and the Red Truck Beer Company Truck Stop (Domestic Pier C Food Hall, Post-Security). 



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