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NEWS Last modified on March 4, 2019

Frankfurt unveils new interactive infogates

Frankfurt Airport’s newly introduced Infogate service allows passengers to have a video call with a member of the airport's customer service team.

After pushing a button, one of the airport's multi-lingual team of helpers will appear on the full-sized screen and offer assistance.

All in all the team speak a total of 20 languages ranging from Chinese, English, German and French to  to Luo, which is spoken in parts of East Africa.

In addition to the video screen, the Infogates also display maps and other information that passengers can then print out to take with them.

The Infogates are located in Terminal 1 in Pier B (non-Schengen), the CD passageway and Pier Z, and in Terminal 2 in the transit zone. 

Airport operator, Fraport, says that the new, improved infogates are the latest initiative in its bid to continuously improve the travel experience and customer friendliness at Germany’s largest aviation gateway.

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