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NEWS Last modified on March 8, 2019

Swedan's airports report February decline in passenger traffic

A total of 2.79 million passengers passed through Swedavia's 10 Swedish airports in February – 4% down on the same month a year ago.

Passenger numbers fell 3% at Stockholm Arlanda and Göteborg Landvetter, although the smaller gateways of Visby and Luleå fared better, reporting monthly increases of 3% and 2% respectively.

Swedavia, which gives no explanation for the performance of its airports, notes that Stockholm Arlanda handled 1.35 million international passengers (-2%) and 399,000 domestic passengers (-4%) in February.

At Göteborg Landvetter Airport, almost 345,000 passengers flew internationally during February, a 1% decrease compared to the same month last year while domestic throughput fell 9% to 94,000 passengers.

Stockholm Bromma recorded a healhty 5% rise in international passengers to almost 25,000 passengers, while domestic travel decreased 9% to more than 150,000 passengers. 

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