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NEWS Last modified on March 15, 2019

North America's first autonomous snow plough unveiled in Winnipeg

Say hello to 'Otto', the first autonomous snow plough in North America, whose new home is Winnipeg Richardson International Airport in Canada. 

The plough is the result of a partnership with Manitoba companies Northstar Robotics Inc and Airport Technologies Inc (ATI) and is able to clear snow by following pre-determined routes.

It will, however, only be used in "less complex areas" of the airport while further research and development takes place.

It is able to operate autonomously using Northstar Robotics technology while the plough itself is equipped with 3D LIDAR and RADAR that can sense its surroundings and detect obstacles. 
In addition, 'Otto' is equipped with a fault tolerant wireless emergency stop system, a further safety enhancement. 

"Launching North America's first autonomous snowplow is a great achievement for Winnipeg Richardson International Airport," said Barry Rempel, president and CEO of Winnipeg Airports Authority.

"Our success is a direct result of bringing together partners who are committed to lead transportation innovation and growth."

While Shawn Schaerer, president and founder of Northstar Robotics, noted:"Autonomous technology is changing how we work. It is exciting to partner with companies that are ready to adapt and pioneer this cutting-edge technology."

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