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NEWS Last modified on March 17, 2019

APG-QIC consortium to acquire 36% stake in Brussels Airport

Pension investor APG, in partnership with alternatives fund manager QIC, has agreed to acquire a 36% interest in Brussels Airport.

The APG-QIC jointly led consortium further comprises of Swiss Life, and upon completion, APG and QIC will both have a stake of 16.8% in Belgium's capital city gateway.

Closing of the transaction is expected to take place over the coming months and is subject to approval by the regulator.

Patrick Kanters, managing director global real assets at APG, noted: "As a pension investor, we are continuously looking for attractive infrastructure investments worldwide that help us realizs stable and long-term returns for ABP and other pension fund clients we work for.

"This investment in Brussels Airport, on behalf of ABP, fits the core of our strategy as it represents an attractive opportunity to gain access to high quality, resilient infrastructure with promising long-term growth potential.
BRU pax
"Together with our partners, we are excited to be working alongside existing Brussels Airport shareholders Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan and SFPI/FPIM over the long term."

Ross Israel, head of global infrastructure at QIC, said: "I'm delighted that our team has been successful in their bid to secure a high-quality core infrastructure asset on behalf of investors in the QIC Global Infrastructure Fund and for one of our long-standing institutional partners.

"This addition to our portfolio provides our clients with important geographic and sector diversification and given its strategic nature, strong downside protection through market cycles.

"It also directly aligns with our strategy to use active management to build long-term value for our clients."

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