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NEWS Last modified on April 8, 2019

E-boarding passes for domestic passengers at Moscow Sheremetyevo

Moscow–Sheremetyevo International Airport has began issuing passengers with e-boarding passes on domestic flights as part of the strategy to introduce automation and e-services.

The new service is designed to help passengers save time by removing the need to print out boarding passes and the risk of losing them, while also simplifying and speeding up the pre-flight procedures.

Passengers can receive e-boarding passes when checking in for their flights through the websites and mobile apps of their carriers, receiving the file on their mobile device.

If needed, passengers can print out their e-boarding pass using the dedicated reprinting machine next to the check-in counters at the Sheremetyevo airport.
A two-step e-boarding pass verification is used at Moscow Sheremetyevo.

The first step is to pass the pre-flight screening whereby the air security officers will use the automated control system to check and verify the passenger's documents.

Next, the passenger will proceed to the airside and present the e-boarding pass at the gate to board the aircraft. The documents will be checked by a ground handling officer using the dedicated control system.

Airlines have been notified of the launch of the service to accommodate passengers with e-boarding passes.

According to the Russian gateway, the procedures carried out Sheremetyevo are in accordance with Order No. 7 of the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation dated January 14, 2019.      

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