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NEWS Last modified on April 18, 2019

Biometric boarding initiative at New York-JFK

New York-JFK’s Terminal One Group is to work with technology firm, Vision-Box, to modernise T1’s passenger processing procedures by rolling out one of the largest facial biometric boarding platforms at a US airport.

It effectively means that passengers will be able to board aircraft without needing to show their passports or boarding passes.

Terminal 1 is home to 26 international carriers that include Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines and Lufthansa and all are expected to embrace the new eGate technology.

Vision-Box notes that New York-JFK and the Terminal One Group Association (TOGA) have taken a visionary approach to passenger experience, welcoming the adoption of a seamless biometric-based passenger management platform as a strategic long-term growth pillar.

TOGA executive director, Steve Rowland, said: “Biometric self-boarding is one of our top priorities – improving the passenger experience and enhancing security and safety for all those who travel at JFK Terminal One.

"We are proud to pilot this unique, paperless, biometric boarding process, and CBP and Vision-Box have been tremendous partners in this effort.”

Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO commented: “We empower airports to provide a seamless travel experience to their passengers and offer real value to their airline partners. Vision-Box is delivering to the US Government the data required to control a safe and secure border.”

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