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NEWS Last modified on May 3, 2019

Frankfurt Airport's duty free shop awarded 'Habanos specialist' status

The World of Cigars section of the The Duty Free Shop at Frankfurt Airport has earned the outlet 'Habanos Specialist' status.

Cigar lovers around the world know that “Habanos Specialist” shops offer Cuban cigar specialities and outstanding service.

The Duty Free Shop is run by Frankfurt Airport Retail (FAR), a joint venture between Gebr Heinemann and the airport operator, Fraport, and is the first and only airport store in Germany to achieve this status.

“We’re proud to meet the high standards of Habanos as a selected partner in its international network of specialists," enthuses Dirk Mörchen, managing director of Frankfurt Airport Retail.

"The seal is a clear symbol of excellence for our customers and reflects the passion, expertise and dedication with which we sell high-quality tobacco products in our shop”.


According to Heinemann, Habanos awards its seal to retailers who stand out from the competition in the premium tobacco sector by presenting a particularly wide selection of Cuban cigars "in an excellent setting".

Retailers have to meet various requirements: They need an exquisite shop with a suitable humidor; their members of staff have to be specially trained; over 50% of their premium cigars have to be Habanos; and the rest of their assortment has to complement the Habanos, including top-sellers from their respective country.

Habanos rewards its certified retailers with benefits like special training courses, inclusion on the Habanos website and a purchase option for new products, rarities and special launches. 

Thanks to the quality seal, passengers at Frankfurt Airport can now enjoy a wide range of products, excellent service and significantly improved availability.

The 16m² walk-in humidor with the Habanos Specialist' seal is located in the Non-Schengen area of Terminal 2.

This section of the terminal welcomed around 3.5 million departing passengers in 2018, with Cuban cigars proving most popular among travellers from Southeast Asia, who account for the majority of sales made by Frankfurt Airport Retail. 

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