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NEWS Last modified on May 28, 2019

Brussels Airport to upgrade its baggage handling system

Vanderlande has been awarded the contract to execute a significant upgrade to the baggage handling system (BHS) at Brussels Airport.

The proposed operational improvements will allow the airport to handle an expected growth in annual passenger numbers from 25 to 40 million within the next 25 years.

To continue to deliver excellent and compliant airport operations and aeronautical infrastructure on a daily basis, Brussels Airport is rolling out a large-scale investment programme.

This includes the replacement of the existing conventional BHS with Vanderlande’s TUBTRAX technology, an upgrade to the high-level controls, and the integration of new hold baggage screening (HBS) machines to comply with the latest EU Standard 3 regulations.

The new BHS system will connect the existing check-in and transfer areas with the new HBS systems and the existing sorters, make-up carousels and the sortation area in Pier A.
baggage TUBTRAX
According to Vanderlande, by transporting one item of baggage per tote, TUBTRAX ensures complete track and trace of each piece of luggage at any time, regardless of its location in the system.

On this project, Vanderlande will co-operate closely with ENGIE Fabricom Airport Solutions, a key supplier in respect to BHS-related activities at Brussels Airport.

In addition, integration of the new system will be executed during live operations at the airport, which requires a high level of brownfield experience in terms of both hardware and software. 

Vanderlande’s executive vice president for airports, Andrew Manship, says: “Brussels Airport has a clear vision on its future and we look forward to playing a vital role in support of this.

"As passenger numbers continue to rise globally, we are proud to be recognised for our cutting-edge solutions, as well as our experience and expertise in this field.”

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