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NEWS Last modified on May 31, 2019

Plaza Premium Group launches meet-and-greet service at DFW

The Plaza Premium Group has launched its Allways meet-and-greet service in the US market at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

It describes the launch as a key milestone in its US expansion plans, with the company aiming to follow up the move with the opening of a Plaza Premium Lounge at the Texas gateway in 2020.

These are certainly busy times for the Plaza Premium Group which has revealed plans to invest more than $100 million on expanding its portfolio of products and services across the US, China, India and Indonesia in the next two years.

"It’s time for us to introduce our engaging and welcoming hospitality to the US market,” said Group founder and CEO, Song Hoi-see.
“DFW is among the busiest airports not only in the US but the world; it is also an internationally renowned transport hub with non-stop international and domestic services to almost 250 destinations.

“This represents a huge market potential for us to showcase our well-reputed airport hospitality services, thanks to DFW Airport.”

To ensure seamless airport experience for leisure and business travellers, holidaymakers, corporate clients and government VIPs, Allways includes a range of bespoke services from welcome greetings, escort through custom and security check, and baggage handling.

Currently, Allways service teams operate at Toronto Pearson in Canada; Indira Gandhi International Airport in India and Macau International Airport in addition to DFW while Allways’ porterage service is available at New York–JFK.

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