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NEWS Last modified on June 6, 2019

Modalis launches specialist airport consultancy company

Modalis Infrastructure Partners in collaboration with Lopez and White Partnership have launched airportQM, a new consulting service aimed at providing benchmark operations and technical advisory services to airports worldwide.

The new airportQM platform brings together a network of 100+ highly experienced airport and aviation experts, providing specialist advisory services to the sector in quality and safety management, regulatory compliance, industry best practice, Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) and operational performance improvement.

Fernando Lopez-Calleja, based in London, has been appointed as the managing director of this new collaborative venture.

He brings a wealth of experience from his 15 years with London-Heathrow airport, where he served in various senior management capacities spanning airside operations, safety, integration and commissioning.

Modalis president and CEO, Curtis Grad, said: “AirportQM brings together many years of collective experience and expertise under a single umbrella, to provide a coordinated and comprehensive quality management approach to the sector.” 

Modalis is a collective of five highly experienced managing partners specialising in strategic investment and professional advisory services including airport infrastructure privatisation, investment, development and operations.

Lopez and White Partnership is an aviation consultancy offering benchmark operational and management solutions to airports, airlines, ground handlers and aviation suppliers. 

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