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NEWS Last modified on June 19, 2019

LAX stages its own fashion show in Tom Bradley International Terminal

The most exciting runway at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) yesterday was the one it created in its Tom Bradley International Terminal to stage a first-of-its-kind fashion show.

The event spotlighted designs from international designer Sebastian Gunawan and featured models and behind-the-scenes talent from the local area.

All in all in featured 25 extravagant couture designs handpicked by Gunawan, a graduate of Los Angeles' Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing (FIDM).
"Los Angeles International Airport is on the leading edge of design and innovation, just like Sebastian Gunawan's couture designs," enthused Deborah Flint, CEO of LAX operator, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA).

"With today's first-ever LAX Fashion Show, we are showcasing the dynamism of Los Angeles' fashion scene right here on LAX's own fashion runway and further bringing the spirit of Los Angeles to our guests."

The show is part of the airport's commitment to showcasing local artists who have developed their talents in Los Angeles.

Twenty models from LA-based agencies strutted the runway wearing luxurious, sophisticated pieces while airplanes and the currently under construction Midfield Satellite Concourse, set to open mid-2020, provided the backdrop.

Gunawan was born in Indonesia and was inspired by his mother’s natural flair for fashion. After graduating FIDM, he further developed his talents at Milan’s famed Instituto Morangoni. 


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