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NEWS Last modified on June 19, 2019

Plaza Premium Lounge earns Skytrax award for Heathrow lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow Airport T2 has been voted the 'World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge' in the 2019 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

 Plaza Premium Lounges in Hong Kong and Brisbane are also ranked among the World’s Top 10 lounges, revealed by Skytrax during the Paris Air Show.

“It is such a pleasure for Plaza Premium Lounge to once again be named as the world’s best independent airport lounge," said Song Hoi-see, founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group.

"As a world leader in airport hospitality, we are committed to continuously enhancing our experience to alleviate the pain points of travellers.

“In the past year, we have put in much efforts in upgrading our service quality and adding new features – from zone planning, ambient design, furniture selection, food and beverage offerings to facilities that cater to different travel types. 

"Our goal remains unchanged, that is to create a journey to make travel better for all travellers.”

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