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NEWS Last modified on July 1, 2019

Green light for new hotel at Glasgow Airport

Planning approval has been granted for a DMA-designed hotel next to the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel at Glasgow Airport Business Park.

The new five-storey block will provide 196 guest rooms, public areas adding vibrancy on the ground floor, and 52 additional car park spaces.

Herbert Lui, DMA partner: "Our contemporary approach is sympathetic in scale and massing to the context. The building is on a site that already benefits from established infrastructure.

"The hotel will bring investment to the area and generate opportunities for local employment. It is also designed to meet the safe guarding requirements stipulated by Glasgow Airport authorities."

According to DMA, the design of the hotel seeks to inject architectural interest, colour and scale through the use of a palette of high-quality building finishes consisting of reconstituted stone cladding, multi-coloured glazed curtain walls, and polyester powder coated metal cladding.

The new building is similar in length to the existing adjacent hotels but the scale is broken down by introducing a series of contrasting protruding bays at intervals to give a sense of relief and rhythm.

This project is the latest of a number of airport hotels designed by DMA.

Other projects, in recent years, include the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Express at Aberdeen Airport.

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