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NEWS Last modified on July 15, 2019

JetQuay to operate lounge at Jewel Changi Airport

JetQuay, the airport services and passenger experience specialist owned by Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), has been appointed lounge operator for the Changi Lounge at Jewel Changi Airport.

Located on Level 1 of Jewel, Changi Lounge operates round-the-clock
 and is seamlessly connected to Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

The lounge primarily serves intermodal transfer passengers arriving in Changi, who are transferring onward to cruises or ferries from maritime terminals in Singapore.

However, it is also available as a pay-per-use lounge to other passengers who are looking for somewhere to relax and unwind or possibly enjoy a bit of luxury during their journeys.

Visitors can enjoy comfortable seating, free flow refreshments, high-speed internet connectivity and business facilities. There are also shower and napping amenities for those seeking a little rejuvenation before the next leg of their journey. 

Barry Nassberg, group chief commercial officer at WFS, said: “Winning this important new contract
is a great tribute to the  JetQuay team in Singapore, under the leadership of James Carey, regional MD for Hong Kong and Singapore and Samantha Lim, GM of JetQuay.

"In keeping with WFS’ global business ethos, they will ensure the best possible experience for Changi Lounge guests and, in doing so, support the outstanding reputation of Changi Airport as a world class travel gateway.”

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