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NEWS Last modified on August 7, 2019

New celebrity announcements to welcome passengers to LAX

What have TV host Jimmy Kimmel, LA Dodgers player Justin Turner, Los Angeles Philharmonic director, Gustavo Dudamel, and LA based chef, author and TV personality, Susan Feniger, all got in common?

Well, they are among the first celebrities to record new greeting messages for passengers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

And they will soon be joined by other 'Voices of Los Angeles' as LAX operator, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), looks to introduce a unique new way of welcoming passengers to the gateway.

“Los Angeles is globally recognised as the entertainment capital of the world, offering the best in movies, television, sports, music, food and culture,” enthuses LAWA CEO, Deborah Flint. 

“We continue to put the LA in LAX by offering our guests immersive experiences – from fashion shows to performances by local musicians and artists – so we are excited to begin welcoming tens of millions of people with voices of iconic, local personalities.”

Susan Feniger, chef, author, radio and TV personality also has a personal connection with LAX as the owner of BBQ Mexicana, Socalo and Border Grill restaurants, which has a location inside the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

The messages, which will rotate throughout the day and be replaced on a regular basis with new voices, will play on the overhead announcement system at the kerb and inside each terminal.

The messages will identify each speaker and welcome travellers to LAX and the City of Los Angeles.

Additional Voices of Los Angeles will be announced as they are included in the rotation.

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