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NEWS Last modified on August 29, 2019

NR Investments completes acquisition of Chisinau airport operator

Channel Islands based  investment vehicle, NR Investments Ltd, has effectively completed the purchase of the operator of Moldova’s Chisinau International Airport.

It now owns Cyprus-incorporated Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd, which holds a 95% stake in Chisinau International Airport concessionaire and operator, Avia Invest SRL.

According to NR Investments, the deal marks a significant next step in the airport's development under a public-private concession agreement. 

“We pledge to be completely transparent in running Chisinau International Airport and help deliver its full potential, bringing in further investment to grow traffic and enhance the experience for both airlines and their passengers,” promises Nat Rothschild. 

"Free from any political agenda, we are a strong financial partner, contributing a wealth of experience in the region to the airport's benefit."

The culmination of this transaction follows an extensive engagement with key stakeholders, including Moldova's Minister of Economy & Infrastructure, Vadim Brinzan, and incoming Prime Minister, Maia Sandu. 

Central to the investment decision was NRI’s view of Moldova as an attractive and predictable investment destination. 

It is NR Investment’s desire to work closely with the Government to grow the airport and ensure its quality in line with the best European gateway benchmarks.  

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