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NEWS Last modified on September 9, 2019

Prost – Munich Airport's brewery celebrates 20th anniversary

Airbräu, the Munich Airport restaurant with its own on-site brewery, celebrates its 20th anniversary today.

According to the gateway, the world's only airport brewery was born from the idea of offering passengers and visitors a unique, Bavarian-themed dining experience.

Airbräu, which features Europe's largest covered beer garden, quickly became a popular spot for not only passengers but airport staff and residents from the surrounding area.

Master brewer, René Jacobsen, pursues his craft with passion at Airbräu – naturally applying the time-honoured principles of the German Purity Law of 1516.
Over the past 20 years, Airbräu has brewed 10 million litres of beer.

Complementing the perennially popular year-round brews (lager, weissbier and märzenbier), Jacobsen also creates seasonal and festive beers.

However, the special creation to mark Airbräu's big anniversary represents a new direction for the 32-year-old brewer.

"This is our first-ever cool dry-hopped beer, reviving a time-honored brewing technique," he says.

"The full-bodied tangy flavour of our fruity Rotfuchs beer makes it a perfect match for lighter menu choices such as salads and fish dishes."

Jacobsen is looking forward to raising a stein with his beer garden guests to toast Airbräu's next 20 years. 

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